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Good v Evil in the Divine Planes

RH'L7: Universal Spirit reflects Divine Oneness

Good and evil are indistinguishable within the Universal Spirit in accord with its functioning as Divine Oneness. It would be self-contradictory for distinct polar opposite states to be possible here.

So at L7balanced is the only possibility i.e. there is one Centre where good and evil are synthesized: Divine Oneness-L7B

RH'L6: Cosmic Forces express Divine Will

The Plane of Divine Will enables the interplay of Cosmic Forces which are envisaged as either Good or Evil. There is a struggle between good and evil that goes on in a person's soul (or self, or heart, or mind): but that occurs on the Psychological Plane-RH'L2. On this Divine Plane, by contrast, there is no struggle. Polarity remains unambiguous and unequivocal, with the two forces inherently distant from each other. Metaphorically, the Cosmic Forces are represented as Light (=Good) and Darkness (=Evil).

So at L6: There are two Centres named: Forces of Light-L6G and Diabolic Forces-L6E.

Dominance: The continuing existence of humanity demands that the Forces of Light should dominate. There are myths, probably wish-fulfilling or mood-generated, in which there is a final and definitive battle leading to the triumph of one side or the other. However, from a human perspective, a final cosmic victory seems unlikely, especially as the two forces repel each other.

So the Channel RH'L6G L6E is named Repulsion.


RH'L5: Supreme Being enables Divine Creation

The Supreme Being is synonymous with all creation and therefore undeniably identified with the existence of both Good and Evil, however you wish to conceive these notions. But it is not imaginatively possible for a worshipped Creator-God to be other than Absolute Goodness, so it becomes necessary to postulate a «Supreme Evil Being». Names used in the Judeo-Christian tradition to refer to such an embodiment of Evil include: The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, The Adversary, Prince of Darkness, Mephistofeles.


The Supreme Good Being is the source of actual existence and human free-will, so that humanity has the responsibility to sustain its own existence. It is a «Pure White Light» named here: The Creation Principle. The Supreme Evil Being is an «Utter Darkness» striving to bring out the worst in man using lies and offers of magical powers. The THEE-name chosen is The Destruction Principle.

So at L5, there are two Centres named: Creation Principle-L5G and Destruction Principle-L5E.

Dominance: Mythologies and religions generally represent the Creation Principle-L5G as dominating the Destruction Principle-L5E. Common sense says that it must be dominant or nothing would exist/survive. It is in the nature of divinely-generated creation that opposites emerge from what was unified or undifferentiated (and vice versa). Opposites that need each other attract: in this case, Creation Principle-Goodness cannot exist without Destruction Principle-Evil (and vice versa).

So the Channel RH'L5G L5E is named Attraction.

RH'L4: Cosmic Consciousness is Semi-Divine

The World Saviour Model Being is situated between Divine and Human realms and apparently partakes of the qualities of both. Recall that at L4good and evil are again fused or synthesized i.e. there is a single balanced Centre named: Cosmic Consciousness-L4B.

This Plane, which is beyond good v evil, is mentioned again here because it is a focus for influences from the three Divine Planes: see next topic.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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