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Inter-Plane Influences for Human Beings

THEE Note: The lower 4 Planes of Existence have been re-conceived as 5 States of Being, as evident in the diagram. The bi-directional Channels of influence and interaction between these States are developed here from the top down. Remember: These are speculative formulations.

From RH'L4B: Cosmic Consciousness

Wise Living-L3G needs to interact with Cosmic Consciousness-L4B, at least briefly, in order to obtain guidance as to what is happening or what is going to happen. This happening must be relevant to a current and humanly-important situation. So wise living must somehow guide cosmic consciousness.

So the Channel RH'L4B L3G is named Guidance.

The influence of Cosmic Consciousness-L4B on Charismatic Presence-L3E is to reveal something specific and significant that generates experiences of inspiration. The charismatic presence in turn probably reveals a readiness to assimilate input from cosmic consciousness.

So the Channel RH'L4B L3E is named Revelation.

■ Psychological Existence-L2B permits access to Cosmic Consciousness-L4B via opening to experiences, contemplating and meditating. Even transient exposure to Cosmic Consciousness is typically intense, overpowering and potentially transformative. Such states can redeem a person's life mistakes or evil deeds, and can enable forgiveness. Psychological existence also redeems cosmic consciousness which would otherwise be time and energy spent with limited (or no) immediate benefit for others.

So the Channel RH'L4B L2B is named Redemption.

■ Note: Practical Existence-L1B is rooted in concrete thinking and doing, not experiencing as such. Because it is based in brute survival, competition, imitation and conformity, there cannot be direct influences to or from Cosmic Consciousness.

From RH'L3: Awakened Being

The Awareness Plane has two Centres which will be taken in turn.

■ Charismatic Presence-L3E Psychological Existence-L2B

Charismatic Presence-L3E has a pronounced impact on those on the Psychological Plane-L2B because the personality state, the extraordinary insights and the communication style are intense, stirring, electrifying and often irresistible. Social interactions lead to others identifying and becoming followers. Some will become acolytes, disciples or devotees. Their enthusiasm (etym. possession by a God) and willingness to spread the message, creates a complementary excitement.

So the Channel RH'L3E L2B is named Excitement.

■ Charismatic Presence-L3E Practical Existence-L1B

Charismatic Presence-L3E also generates obedient followers on the Practical Plane-L2B. However, hearing amazing thoughts and having exciting inner experiences is simply not enough. Practical people need and want results, and this is provided by implicit or explicit promises. These may be general, like being «special», «chosen», «saved», or there may be more tangible guarantees of «God's bounty», «wealth», «success», «a place in paradise», «resurrection». In return, the followers promise to keep the faith, trust the charisma and obey.

So the Channel RH'L3E L1B is named Promise.

■ Wise Living-L3G Psychological Existence-L1B

Wise Living-L3G finds receptivity in Psychological Existence-L2B because of its orientation to inquiry-RL2 and its openness to receiving and pondering advice. However, because the source of the wisdom is never clear, messages that disrupt or cause pain may seem unnecessarily hurtful or even harmful. So good counsel commonly goes unrecognized. Where there is receptivity, a return benefit in the form of supportive suggestions from thoughtful people is welcomed and heeded i.e. a wise person listens, learns and changes.

So the Channel RH'L3G L2B is named Counsel.

■ Wise Living-L3G Practical Existence-L1B

Wise Living-L3G taps into the instrumentality of practical existence rather than expecting influence to be thoughtful. So unambiguous actionable message are used:"Do this because …!" or "Don't do that because … !", "Start this because …!" or "Stop that because …!". The "because" clause must give a genuine and good reason (i.e. in the self-interest of the practical recipient) to enable compliance. So this is instruction in both senses: command and education. It works both ways: practical people need to specify where and how wisdom is to be demonstrated and provided.

So the Channel RH'L3G L1B is named Instruction.

From RH'L2B: Mindful Being

Psychological Existence-L2B is wholly dependent on effective functioning in the Practical Plane-L1B. If survival needs are not met, then existence ceases, physically and psychosocially. Practical ways and means must be found to deal with a huge variety of social and interpersonal situations. Instrumentality and the survival mentality have limitations, however. Higher empathic and ethical functioning must be brought to bear so as to provide useful values, bring escalating revenge-violence to an end, and introduce aesthetic and emotional richness to relationships and communities. It is likely that more and more purely instrumental activities can be robotized and computerized, potentially freeing up more and more people for higher level functioning.

So the Channel RH'L2B L1B is named Sustenance.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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