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Good v Evil in the Human Planes

This analysis draws on the findings for Primal Quests and the derived Planes and Beings. The dynamic here is existential Good v Evil, not Good v Bad which is social-ethical: see review.
ClosedReminder of Evil in THEE

RH'L1: Survival depends on Being Practical

Instrumental Being does not function ethically in any absolute sense. It can only ensure survival, seek pleasures, and act on the basis of its own good reasons, which are naturally self-interested. All activities strive to avoid social consequences that are personally damaging. However, there is little concern as to their wider ramifications, which are in any case largely unknown and unknowable.

What you do to survive is as liable to be good as it is to be evil. From a practical perspective, an apparently evil deed may have a good consequence, while an apparently good deed may cause damage or even result in irreparable harm and be judged evil. In any case, the Plane accepts evolutionary development as inevitable.

Practicality involves adapting to the social group and conforming, irrespective of any personal view. Conformity is constructive (good) insofar as it preserves the group. Conformity is destructive (evil) insofar as it perpetuates wholly unnecessary harm and suffering intrinsic to the group.

So at L1good and evil are fused or synthesized i.e. there is a single balanced CentrePractical Existence-L1B

The good v evil struggle is a continuing objective reality. Because creation of something new and better necessarily entails destruction of something old that is of value to many, this Plane may be regarded as a world of creative destruction or destructive creation.

RH'L2: Ethical Living depends on Being Mindful

Mindful Being reveals an empathic form of sensitivity that is ethical at core. The destruction caused by creation is noticed and automatically generates a counter-force. So, the result for the Psychological Plane is ambivalence.

This is also evident in the two sides to personal interactions. Everyone is unique and has objective and subjective states varying over time. So there are supportive, warm and loving (good) experiences, and then there are frustrating, disappointing and aggravating (bad-evil) experiences.

Ambivalence in relation to creation and relating is not avoidable except by mental tricks like denial, splitting, rationalization, repression, displacement and other defences: long-recognized, but only recently codified within psychoanalysis. Defences are good insofar as they preserve a relationship, and yet they simultaneously cause harm because such distortions lead to misjudgements or even, at the extreme, paranoia.

So at L2good and evil are fused or synthesized i.e. there is a single balanced CentrePsychological Existence-L2B.

The good v evil struggle is a continuing subjective reality. Moral and ethical concerns are intense, because painful conflicts of good v evil must be accepted and tolerated. However, bad and evil are not clearly distinguished.

RH'L3: Aware Existence is about Self-Integration

An Awakened Being is far more aware of the nature of good and evil, and perceives situations and people clearly without ambivalence. Scrutinizing the self for impurities, and integrating and taming alien, corrupting or unpleasant qualities, is intrinsic to existence on this Plane.

Aware Existence enables you to see ethical issues clearly and act accordingly. Wisdom and visionary foresight are possible based on imaginative inspirations, attunement and identification with values, openness to imperceptible or unconventional cues, and simply noticing evident facts and forces in situations. However, wise living demands more than this: it depends on recognizing what is unequivocally good and taking that seriously. If social turbulence means service for others is impossible, wisdom leads to withdrawal until times improve.

At the same time, Aware Existence generates an inner state of tension and excitement, especially marked if an illuminating or prophetic inspiration strikes. This state is perceptible as a charismatic presence. It is an evil condition, probably because charisma intrudes on the capacity of others to reason independently. While the energy of charisma can help an aware person sustain themselves and it can empower others who feel paralysed by indecision, the cost is high: interference with autonomy. There is another issue: charisma is a form of power and , like all power, it can and probably will be misused.

So at L3good and evil create separate Centres named: Wise Living-L3G, and the Charismatic Presence-L3E respectively.

Dominance: Everyone seeks the power radiated by the Charismatic Presence, which is therefore heeded and fêted. People strive to be near the person and experience spontaneous identification. Basking in the flow of quasi-divine energy, they submit to what is said and abdicate responsibility for rational thought. Wise Living is, by comparison, ordinary and demanding: ordinary in that it expects everyone to accept their limited capabilities and specific situation; demanding in that it expects each to find strength within themselves to reason, make hard choices, master ambivalence, and accept painful changes. A person functioning on this Plane is far too realistic to simply ignore these realities. Because wise counsel is so likely to be ignored, if not ridiculed, a charismatic presence is essential and must be developed and applied. So the evil pole dominates at this Level.

Wise Living-L3G and Charismatic Presence-L3E are states that naturally co-exist within a person and must be harmonized for effect. Because wisdom makes such tough demands on oneself and others, the aware person depends on charisma for support and validation. Charisma correspondingly depends on wisdom to ensure it leads to substantive good.

So the Channel RH'L3E L3G is named Integration.

ClosedBecoming Unbalanced

Of course, an individual may become unbalanced by choosing either Centre as their preferred state. A sole focus on wise living generates a Sage identity, and then experiences of rejection weaken the willingness to serve humanity. There is a reduced contact with people and an avoidance of large groups. Excessive focus on a charismatic presence leads to a Prophet identity that tends to become dogmatic and self-centred (narcissistic) and to demand extreme obedience from followers. The message is that sages can prophesy and prophets should be sage. With integration, the equanimity and enduring wisdom of the one will balance the disruptive excitement and temporary inspiration of the other.

This Plane is immersed in a good v evil reality. While inner ethical struggle is not experienced as in lower Planes, every human choice is perceived in ethical and creative terms. Service to humanity depends on active sustenance of goodness.

RH'L4: Cosmic Consciousness is Semi-Divine

The World Saviour Model Being is situated between divine and human realms and apparently partakes of the qualities of both. The Plane of Cosmic Consciousness is accessible to many, at least fleetingly, so it is important to identify its nature.

Functioning cosmically includes an openness to both good and evil divine states and forces; and the human aspect (soul/self) surely involves both virtues (the good urges), and vices (the evil urges). However, nonduality, the state of oneness accessible to a person, is experienced in this Plane, and so there cannot be two Centres. Cosmic consciousness cannot be divided, compartmentalized or enabled to function in a dualistic manner.

So at L4good and evil are again fused or synthesized i.e. there is a single balanced Centre named: Cosmic Consciousness-L4B.

This Plane is beyond good v evil because the self is renounced and some form of nonduality prevails.

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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