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Tree of Good and Evil

The Story so Far: The Primal Quests led to the generation (invention) of Model Beings within psychosocial reality. These Beings live on distinct Planes of Existence and some of these are where people can live too. It is now time to consider how Model Beings influence each other, and by extension how people exert influence when functioning on their specific Planes.
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Discovery: The originating framework in this section, the Primal Quests-RH', is nested within Purpose-RL6. These Quests were discovered by investigating the Root Typology and they contain possible purposes of life. Primal Quests have incompatible orientations and assumptions. You have your one or two Quests and organize your life accordingly; and others have theirs. You may reject or be puzzled by what others yearn for, but mostly you will not be particularly interested. Your own life is too important to you.

Conjecture: The importance of the Primal Quests led people to imaginatively create Model Beings. These reflect a perfection of the Quest and invite emulation. So the Model Beings function in psychosocial terms, and their ethical and creative constraints generate corresponding Planes of Existence. The pattern is shown in the diagram below. Unlike Quests, Beings are not incompatible, and are motivated to influence each other.

Mutual Influences

It is obvious that Model Beings on the Planes of Existence should affect each other because each Plane enables the exercise of distinctive powers. Those distinctive powers have been identified as essentially ethical and creative. By using the notion of Model Beings, we can work out what inter-Plane influences are likely to be. In THEE, such interactional patterns take the form of a Tree: i.e. the Root Typology-Hierarchy Tree.

It is conjectured that each person has a preferred Plane, but can function on lower Planes. With effort, a move to a higher Human Plane is possible. This investigation will propose that everyone can be affected for better or worse by the ethical and creative influences of other Planes, including those in the Divine Realm.


The presence of a Tree was immediately suggested by the division of the hierarchy into:  The Self v The Divine. As notedRL'1, RL'2, RL'3 and RL'4 are Human in nature, and RL'5, RL'6 and RL'7 are Divine. This is an obvious context-content arrangement and will become the internal duality of the Tree.

Any Tree handles a tension or dilemma that is instantly activated by use of any of the Levels, here Planes of Existence. Because these Planes are intrinsically ethical-creative, obligations immediately arise. These obligations do create a tension-dilemma and an earlier analysis suggested that this manifests as Good v Evil.

Because of this dynamic duality, I call this theTree of Good and Evil. Because human existence must depend on the good triumphing, it would seem that the Tree is a framework for sustaining humanity.

To Reiterate: Being ethical and being creative are the twin distinctive features held in common by the whole human race.

Organizing this Inquiry

This inquiry develops the Root Typology Tree systematically as usual, but in a new way due to the scientific significance and speculative nature of the internal duality: Self v Divine. (Read about other ways to discover Trees.)

Originally posted: 26-Oct-2012

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