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Primal Delusions

Everyone is aware (to a greater or lesser degree) of the various Planes, at least in terms of the corresponding Model Being or Primal Quest. The effect seems to be to create natural beliefs, possibly delusional, that we must nevertheless handle one way or another.

Let's explore these together.

Practical Plane-RH'L1:  Delusion that others are having a great time and a much easier life than me—perhaps at my expense.
i.e. there is an instrumental beingClosed governed by practicality and willing to exploit me (and others). Actually, that's true, there is! How you respond depends on the Plane on which you live.

Psychological Plane-RH'L2: Delusion of the omnipotent servant—there is someone who understands what I am going through and wants to do the right thing for me.
i.e. there is a mindful beingClosed willing to listen empathically, work hard for me and be sensitive to ethical issues. Sounds like «the help that is a treasure»: but they may not last.

Awareness Plane-RH'L3: Delusion of the omniscient director—someone somewhere knows what is going on and will provide a solution.
i.e there is an awakened beingClosed living an aware existence and able to solve the puzzle and point us all in the right direction. Too many charlatans around: you just have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become aware of what people who affect you are like. Anyway, life's too complex.

Cosmic Consciousness Plane-RH'L4: Delusion of man's kindness to man OR there is surely someone who can rescue me. 
i.e. there is a saviourClosed renouncing all personal desires and interests and dedicated to me. Unlikely. Buddha agrees: «Work out your own salvation; do not depend on others.»

Divine Creation-RH'L5: Delusion that life is determined OR the situation is hopeless, but somehow we will find a way out. 
i.e. there is a supreme beingClosed who generates divine providence. Perhaps, but it makes more sense to focus on making sensible choices. Fortunately, God seems to help those who help themselves.

Cosmic Forces-RH'L6: Delusion that responsibility lies with the uncontrollable forces to which I am subject.
i.e. there is a divine willClosed releasing cosmic mayhem. Could be true for others. For yourself, never offer "it's just my nature" as an excuse. You can master your self-defeating impulses. Certainly no-one else can.

Divine Oneness-RH'L7: Delusion that there is a God up there who we are part of &/or who is a part of us
i.e. there is a universal spiritClosed and a divine oneness. Probably. Anyway, for safety, best to stick with this one and not mock.

ClosedPsychiatric Delusions

Severe mental illness, schizophrenic and depressive, are commonly associated with delusions and hallucinations. The content of these delusions is partly socially and culturally determined. Religious content is common e.g. a belief in being the Messiah. It is possible to have a focused delusion of this sort without being sufficiently ill to end up in a psychiatric hospital. Naturally, such a person can be immensely persuasive.

ClosedDrug-Induced Experiences

There are of course methods for altering consciousness in healthy people. Drugs like psilocybin, LSD and mescalin commonly generate spiritual states that are probably a form of cosmic consciousness with access to higher Planes. This can be blissful if Divine Oneness or the Good Cosmic Force is dominant; but it can be terrifying if there is inflow from the Cosmic Forces of Darkness.

Originally posted: 12-Oct-2012.

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