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Review-IV: Humanity & Society

Two Senses of Ethics/Morality

As originally explained, man is a moral being in two senses of the term.

In THEE, the Framework of Endeavour (Root Hierarchy) develops in two directions. One is an emanation of each of the 7 Levels leading to society, organizations and everything that enables everyday life. The other is a series of structures that emerge from within Purpose, the 6th Root Level, which exist to define humanity i.e. the meaning of being human.

■ Ethics as an existential obligation starts with the requirement to recognize a purpose in life. Our options are defined by the Primal Quests (Root Typology) nested within Purpose-RL6. This Typology leads to a range of structures, including the Planes of Existence, and others to be developed in the following sections, which are about rightness and goodness, apart from any particular society or culture.

■ Ethics, as a societal obligation, is found within the Purpose-RL6 emanation. This enables specification and control over Ethical Choice-PH'6, Ethical Rules-PH"6 and Ethical Authorities-sPH"6. Identity emanated by Experience-PH4 is also a factor, because it generates Social Being. This is the source of a culture's Natural Moral Institutions.
Note: Societal ethics are not examined in this Satellite. Frameworks are available in Working with Values (1995), but nothing apart from politics has been posted on the website.

Various Dualities in Obligation

Because existence is intrinsic to the evolution of human consciousness (i.e. being human), existential issues form the context for the ethical issues in any society.

Nevertheless, in debates over issues, society's ethics are often given pre-eminence over existential ethics because:

In the ethical-social domain

Obligation is either Review.

In the existential-ethical domain:

  • Quests enable personal determination and a final decision about what is right v not right. See below.
  • Model Beings enable personal determination and choices in terms of good v evil.

ClosedQuests: Right v Not Right

Originally posted: 12-Oct-2012.

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