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Review-II: Planes of Power & Evil

THEE Note: In THEE, evil is a fact i.e. the term is a name for an observable phenomenon of psychosocial reality. A full examination of the phenomenon named «evil» is postponed until Primal Injunctions, whose primary function is to reduce evil.
ClosedHere is a brief note till then:

Power refers to the capacity to influence what goes on within each particular Plane.

RH'L1: Practical Existence

The Instrumental Model Being is motivated by survival, then respect, then comfort. This Being has no-one to talk seriously to about inner mental states, because it is not reflective. But if it did, it would probably say: "I am I. I use you and you use me. Where's my food? Turn on the air-conditioning!"

It operates with a resource-based, manipulative and coercive power that is backed ultimately by physical force. Rituals are important to establish power structures. Work is a necessity. You use power to survive: i.e. to make a living and make a life.

Evil is perceived to flow from an «ends justifies the means» philosophy and insensitive actions that harm others. There is also a tendency to view force as always necessary.
Reminder: Why?Closed  Pleasure-RH'L1 is self-centred and based in action-RL1. So others are only of significance insofar as they do things to provide pleasure or remove/cause distress, especially fear. Fears related to survival lead to insensitive and harmful actions that feel justified by the supposed stakes.

RH'L2: Psychological Existence

The Mindful Model Being is motivated by obligation, intimacy, and self-actualization and says: "I affect you and you affect me: so we not will not aggress on each other, and we must mean what we say."

It operates with persuasive, reasoning and adaptive power and recognizes the significance of ethical imperatives and personal commitment. However, it is not completely sure how to apply ethics, given the diversity in social life and the uncertainties and complexities in choices. Work is equally necessary, but it is about thriving on life. This Being uses its powers to discover an authentic vocation.

Evil is perceived to flow from ambivalence in relationships, and a reluctance to destroy or use force when necessary.
Reminder: Why?Closed Meaning-RH'L2 involves relating to others and understanding them through inquiry-RL2. But others will at times generate frustration, fear, envy, irritation and other painful states that evoke hostility or dislike. Such experiences interfere with an unequivocally positive attitude and evoke self-condemnation. Any deliberate causing of harm to others generates potential shame and guilt as well as fears of vengeful retaliation.

RH'L3: Aware Existence

The Awakened Model Being is motivated to enlighten others. It starts by talking to itself, and then (when fully confident) says to others: "You can be free from suffering and illusion. Start by abandoning the belief that Model Beings, including those in the Divine realm are outside of yourself." 

It operates with charismatic and inspirational power, and provides wisdom for humanity.

Evil is perceived as exploitation of charisma, leading to the dogmatic foisting of truths onto others who are in thrall to the inspirational force and unable to see clearly or think for themselves.
Reminder: Why?Closed Enlightenment-RH'L3 is associated with self-belief and applies penetrating reflective thought to reveal what is right and true. Such awareness often generates excitement and astonishment. This may lead to submission and change-RL3 in others, which can be used for egotistic benefit.

RH'L4: Cosmic Consciousness

The World Saviour Model Being is motivated to free the human world (i.e. the psychosocial world) from suffering and danger; and it says: "I am here for you—and you are here for me."

It operates with redemptive power and provides compassion for humanity.

Evil is perceived to lie in the inherent and ineradicable imperfections within man.
Reminder: Why? Closed Salvation-RH'L4 energy needs to be focused on relieving suffering. However, experiences-RL4 of anger and frustration may lead to a focus on the harm and danger: either caused by governments or customs, or self-inflicted by weak-minded individuals.

RH'L5: Divine Creation

The Supreme Being Model Being is motivated to create a world with sentient beings who themselves have creative powers. It says: "You come from me—and I come from you"

It endows humanity with freedom to choose between good and evil, and operates with revelatory and seductive power.

Evil is perceived from Human Planes as Divine tolerance for the core paradox of existence i.e. allowing cruelty and suffering to persist and letting evil-doers flourish.

RH'L6: Divine Will

The Cosmic Force Model Being is motivated to create Good and Evil in the form of a specific representation that watches over and enters people. It says: "I control you—you submit to me."

It operates with intense attractive and repulsive powers, and provides humanity's will energy.

Evil is perceived from Human Planes as a perpetual Cosmic struggle: the Evil or Forces of Darkness in conflict with the Good or Forces of Light.

RH'L7: Divine Oneness

The Universal Spirit Model Being is motivated to enable you to be divine. "I am you—you are me."

It provides a flow of plenty for humanity, and possesses the power of pervasive permeation of everything and nothing, such that there is nowhere that it is not. The Universal Spirit is «the circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere».

Evil is perceived from Human Planes as a Divine mystery, because the nature of Oneness means that good and evil must be unified. Sometimes it is perceived as a Being/Plane where evil cannot exist: so generating a mystery of how it can exist in the lower level Model Beings that it emanates.

Originally posted: 12-Oct-2012

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