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Review-I: Introduction

TOP Asks for Help:  The ideas and patterns presented here are inevitably speculative. However, these conjectures deserve attention because they have implications for how we live and how we relate to each other. Advise me of inconsistencies, incoherence and errors. Ask questions. Offer improvements. Raise issues. Take notice.

Planes Originate in Model Beings

Personalized and externalized, a Model Being, much like its Primal Quest, takes on a life of its own within an imagined psychosocial reality. In considering how any Model Being functions, it is natural to identify discrete Planes of Existence, one for each. It then becomes evident that, as flesh-and-blood human beings, we all somehow engage with these Planes; even if, for some of them, only in an imaginative and transcendental way.

The Model Beings were discovered through reflecting on the Primal Quests. Although the Primal Quests are not discrete disembodied beings in their own right, it must be easy to think of them that way. That is probably because Primal Quests are coherent systems of purpose-RL6, and purpose and value loom so large in endeavours, social life and any conception of what it is to «be human».

Most human functioning is on the lowest two Planes (L1 & L2), because that is the world of work. However, it is also possible to function on the Advanced Planes (L3 & L4), because they are the world of service, accessible if the necessities of life are handled. Although it is not possible to function on the Divine Planes (L5. L6 & L7), these have an effect on the Human Planes (to be investigated further in the next section). Movement between Planes on a temporary basis is common and taken for granted.

ClosedSee the Planes of Existence Framework

Universal Cultural Presence

There is nothing new in these ideas of Heaven, Earth and the various Model Beings. They are the outcome of universal cultural imperatives to promote and support a higher form of ethical-creative existence amongst at least some, and ideally all, members of society.

Identifying the emergence of these primordial ideas from an underlying Primal Quest is new. It is the outcome of rational reflective inquiry, not personal or social attempts to persuade you to live well, nor any hidden religious agenda to indoctrinate and socialize.

The THEE proposition is that the Model Beings are unselfconscious projections of inner experience into the outer world with imaginative refinement to make them perfect and complete. Refinement and elaboration are needed to ensure the descriptions are suitable as models for members of that particular culture.

These imaginary Beings can be found in all spiritual and philosophical traditions, often associated with intense arguments over the details of structures and beliefs. So intense are disputes amongst and within religions, that evil is released and people start killing each other over what are trivialities in the grand scheme of things.

ClosedBut This is Just Far Too Simple!


OR: Consider the interactions of Beings on different Planes.

Originally posted: 12-Oct-2012

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