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World Saviour: RH'L4

Demands of the Salvation Quest

The Salvation Quest provides for an advanced humanity in which the significance of caring for others comes to the forefront, and personal needs are pushed into the background.

It generates a Model Being potentially thought of as a World Saviour. In doing so, it provides for a semi-divine form of human existence e.g. in the Indian tradition, the avatar brings dharma (rightness, truth) back to the social order. Here, the self has a high degree of selfless compassion. It is based on experience-RH'L4 partly because of the intense inner states flowing from unification with the Divine, and partly because deep identification with others leads to a wise and compassionate union.

The significance of experience occurs simultaneously with a renunciation of the self, although the self is usually thought of as the repository of independent experience. The end result is to produce a spiritual condition as a continuing state of mind.

Note: This is not equivalent to being on a Spirituality Quest.

Being an imagined ideal, it is quite reasonable that World Saviours should seek to save all others, and primarily their souls. They can do this because they operate on an elevated Plane of Existence close to the Divine realm. The proposed THEE-name for this is: Plane of Cosmic Consciousness.

Spirituality and Cosmic Consciousness

The self still exists as long as a person is alive. However in the presence of Cosmic Consciousness, it is renounced and the person exists primarily for others. This does not usually lead to giving practical services, except sporadically, because the focus here moves to preserving the soul or spirit of man.

For those rare few who discover that the Cosmic Consciousness Plane is their primary level of existence, it is not an easy life. Because they embody features of the World Saviour model, these rare individuals have a dramatic impact on those who choose to get close to them. Such individuals have been born in the past—Jesus of Nazareth, Siddhartha Gautama, and Lao Tze are examples. Such individuals probably exist now and they will continue to be born.

The Plane seems to be an enabling state that allows a person to perceive, conceive or contact divine realms, and view the imperfection of humanity in its terms. While few make their home on this Plane, many enter it temporarily at least once. When that happens, it is never forgotten. Descriptions of Cosmic Consciousness typically emphasize the sudden onset of features like:

It may be that the person gives the presence of Cosmic Consciousness a name as if it were a different entity: Mohammed called it Gabriel; Jesus called it Kingdom of Heaven.

Closedon this Plane of Cosmic Consciousness is naturally:►

Closedon this Plane of Cosmic Consciousness is naturally:►


Originally posted: 14-Sep-2012

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