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Being Mindful: RH'L2

Demands of the Meaning Quest

The Meaning Quest demands a developing humanity because it expects both personal growth and social change. Pursuit of ideals requires the self to give an account of reasons for action that apply to others and the relevant community generally. In this process, new values and common goals are considered. Experiences and relationships also need to be explored and developed in a sensitive way.

So the Meaning Quest-RH'L2 provides a model for existing that is named Mindful Being.

The Mindful Being is shaped by an inquiry-RL2 process that leads to inner awareness and to sophisticated descriptions of a self. A complex inner life develops, which generates a better understanding of the «true self» as distinct from a persona constructed to manageIn narcissistically damaged individuals, the persona might be better called a "false self" and described with metaphors like: armour, shell, cocoon. social interactions. The Mindful Being activates a «True Self» and enables mutuality by empathically sensing the experiences of others.

The Psychological Plane

The inner life of a model Mindful Being generates responsibilities that are taken as seriously as any task in the external world. It expects to manage its own emotions, thoughts, fantasies and feelings as well as its actions. That means being aware and considerate of the inner lives of others.
«Emotional Intelligence»Closed is the umpteenth time this mindful being state has been re-discovered and re-named.

Anyone well-established on this plane is described as imaginative, sensitive, curious and understanding. (Of course, these qualities may not always be displayed.) Understanding oneself, others and the social world demands an orientation to inquiry-RL2, because it is a learning process. Many aspects of personal relationships and work change over time, and this is part of what is called «emotional maturation», «personal growth» or «self-actualization».

Because ideals only exist in communities, there is a focus on communal life and the future of society. So personal concerns extend beyond mere survival of self and close family.

The proposed THEE-name is the Psychological Plane of Existence.

Closedon this Psychological Plane is naturally:►

Closedon this Psychological Plane is naturally:►


Originally posted: 14-Sep-2012

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