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Being Instrumental: RH'L1

Demands of the Pleasure Quest

The Pleasure Quest only demands a basic humanity. This entails recognizing a self and using it to do things that give pleasure. The self must, at least, be capable of organizing provision of bodily gratification and simultaneously staying alive and functioning socially. The self is found to have specific preferences in this regard, and these guide choices for «feeling good» via sensual experiences.

Apart from indulging in pleasure, such a self only does other things for a good reason. This reason is the purpose for doing anything. By far the most important reason and strongest motivator is survival in a competitive environment.

Your «good reason to do» i.e. the survival-related purpose, may be provided by another person who pays you. In such a case, you become their agent (Syn. operative, functionary, official) rather than an autonomous actor. Because an agent is an instrument of another, your personal preferences, interests, and biases should not come into play.

So, in both the Pleasure Quest-RH'L1 and in many work activities (i.e. Endeavour-RH), the self is primarily an instrument. That is why the Pleasure Quest engenders a model being that provides perfect service. It is named Instrumental Being.

Being an instrument of another is not tolerable on a continuing basis—that equates to slavery. However, instrumentality does not cease in your free time, because (as noted) your self then becomes your own instrument.

The Practical Plane

The model Instrumental Being is stable and solidly grounded in sensory perception, empirical realities and the use of information. It is shaped by its focus on action-RL1, and therefore on the practicalities of any idea or proposal:
i.e. what to do, whether it can be done, and how to do it.

Being an instrument for another's purposes, provides opportunities to make a living either as an employee or via an agency business. However, there is only one intrinsic driver for doing things efficiently and effectively: competition. Remove competition and things get slack and sloppy.

This is therefore named in THEE the Practical Plane of Existence.

Closedon this Practical Plane is naturally:►

Closedon this Practical Plane is naturally:► 


ClosedExample of Practical Plane Experience

This text, left unedited, was a comment on a blog about whether "you are your brain".

Originally posted: 14-Sep-2012

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