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Contentious Issues

Controversy or Blasphemy?

Exploring and analysing the «Divine Realms», even mentioning the name: «God», may seem to some to be controversial, hare-brained or even superstitious. In other quarters, it will be viewed as shocking, irreverent and possibly blasphemous. However, if THEE is to be a comprehensive account of psychosocial reality, then it must explore and account for divine phenomena. These are not woolly notions, but immensely influential, persistent and universal human experiences. To ignore or reject them would be like shutting your eyes to what exists because of some personal belief. Keep your belief and explore with me: what harm can there be in that?
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Although there are only 3 Divine Planes in THEE, that seems to be enough to underpin the ideas within the world's numerous religious traditions. Please note that «spirituality» and «religion» are far larger topics dealt with elsewhere within THEE.

Ranges within Planes

As you will provide examples from your own experience to flesh out this Framework, you must be aware that each Plane covers an enormously wide range of forms of existence.

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Operating the Quests

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Planes were developed from the Primal Quests via imagining the Model Beings. However, your operation of a Quest is not aligned to any specific Plane or defined by it. Some alignments seem to jump out but I do not think there is any direct correspondence. In any case, there are only 4 Human Planes to handle 7 Quests, so it's best to think separately about your Primal Quest and the Existential Plane(s) on which you function.

Moving from Your Plane

Whatever Plane you happen to have made your home, you will become aware of other Planes and be influenced through your interactions with others on those Planes.

Continuing existence on a particular Plane naturally entails willingly meeting the range of ethical and creative demands associated with that Plane. That means developing personal and social structures in accord with these.

You are not stuck on the Plane of Existence where you happen to find yourself. (This follows a general principle that anyone can activate and operate any element within THEE—at least for a limited period of time.) But moving to another Plane transiently is different from making your home there. Movement to a higher Plane might be provoked by pressures from within or without. Motivation and willingness are needed to bear the disorientation and possible discomfort.

As it happens, moving to a higher Plane seems to be a contemporary issue in much of the Western world. I have hypothesized that it defines the 21st Century Enlightenment.

Originally posted: 14-Sep-2012

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