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Recognize the «Divine»

Start with «Heaven and Earth»

The Root Hierarchy can be divided into a Transcendence part agove, an Actualization part below, and these are mediated via EL4-Experience.

Recall that the Root Hierarchy (see image) can be divided into:

This same pattern, drawing on these phenomena, plays out in the interacting Planes of Existence of the Root Typology. Why?Closed The Root Typology Primal Quests, from which the Planes directly emerge, reflect and embody core values and features of the corresponding Root Level. See the initial accounts.

As a result, the Planes of Existence are divided into:

Because it is found within THEE, the «Divine» must be part of the human condition and intrinsic to our endeavours. (It may sound contradictory or paradoxical to say that the Divine realm is a Human phenomenon, but that seems to be the case.) The full picture is shown below.
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Practical Divisions

The Planes of Human Existence as a whole sustain our humanity just as the physical plane sustains physical reality. If space and time were to vanish, then humans would cease to exist physically. If ethics and creativity were to vanish, then biology-driven subjective experiences (psychosocial reality) might persist, but humanity as we know it would disappear.

From the perspective of everyday life, the Planes of Existence and Model Beings fall naturally into three groups as follows:

Worldly Existence

The lowest two existential Planes are used on a daily basis and are accessible to all human beings. This is the world of creative work. Although one or the other Plane is chosen as the principal or preferred one for regular use, both Planes need to be used.

Advanced Existence

The next two higher existential Planes are accessible to all in principle, but are only sustained in very few. People functioning on these Planes exert an invisible attraction for those on lower Planes, probably because they consistently serve as direct conduits from the Divine Planes. This is the world of creative service to humanity.

Divine Existence

The upper three existential Planes are «real» for us in the sense that they are experienced and engaged with in psychological and social ways i.e. within psychosocial reality.

There is again an important distinction between the Model Beings (imaginary and subjective) and the Planes of Existence (imaginary but objective because of psychosocial phenomena). Although we do not live in or on these Planes, we actively sustain them and are influenced by them. They represent the world that creatively preserves our essential humanity, stimulating and encouraging what is best (and worst) in us.

Originally posted:  14-Sep-2012

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