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Planes of Human Existence

THEE NOTE: This section assumes familiarity with the Primal Quests.

Models for «Being»

We readily and unconsciously project our selves and parts of our experience into the external world. We can use this imaginative process with the Primal Quests too. In doing that, each Primal Quest becomes a model for «existing» or «how to be» i.e. a «Model Being». The imagined Being is a «model» in both senses of the term:

The disembodied abstract Model Being represents an imaginary form of existence. However, once these models are created, they, in effect, become real within psychosocial reality. As a result, the question "Does God exist?" can now have a simple straightforward answer that makes sense.
It is: ClosedYes—in our imagination.

ClosedReminder about Primal Quests

There is a marked difference between one Primal Quest and the Primal Quest at the next Level up or down. This means there are marked differences in the imagined forms of the Model Beings.

Each Model Being operates in its own distinctive way, so they are best viewed as inhabiting their own Plane of Existence. The term «Plane» seems more suitable here than Level or Type. There will naturally be marked differences in the qualities of the various Planes, although all must be constituted in a similar fashion.

Life on Different Planes

Having imaginatively transformed the 7 Primal Quests into 7 Model Beings, which function on 7 Planes of Existence, it becomes possible to examine intrinsic properties.

THEE Note:Closed As some confirmation of the Primal Quest ordering, I will note how each Being/Plane has a particularly strong affinity with a corresponding level in the Levels of Will i.e. the Root Hierarchy.

While Primal Quests are Types that are independent of each other and near-incompatible, the 7 Planes of Existence and the Model Beings naturally interact and influence each other.

The way that Model Beings function is a reflection of how we naturally function in ways that are beyond biology. The distinctiveness of the Planes means that their use varies according to the person's natural ability and chosen aspirations. Influences and interactions between Planes are considered in the next section.

Originally posted: 14-Sep-2012

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