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The Primal Quests seem to create some sort of identity for us that shapes our everyday life: with its endeavours and pressures, its preferences and principles. The imaginative existence of «Model Beings» (see next section: Planes of Existence) suggests something that lies beyond our socially-determined and personally-developed self-concepts.

The Quests generate a preoccupation with universals, like work and ethics. It is also noticeable that these Quests would be expected to appear in all cultures and societies: e.g. what was creative in the past, is still deemed creative, and pursuing ideals remains even if the particular ideals do change.

This FAQ webpage covers some common objections and misunderstandings. Click on any Q to see its Answer. Make comments and post other questions below.

ClosedQ: What do these Primal Quests do?

ClosedQ: How many Primal Quests can you have?

ClosedQ: I believe that I relate to many of your Primal Quests. Why do you insist that is impossible?

ClosedQ: What about the Quest for money?

ClosedQ: Why isn't there a Quest for Power?

ClosedQ: What about the importance of empathy in the Salvation Quest?

ClosedQ: How can the Salvation Quest exist outside a religion?

ClosedQ: Are Primal Quests forms of ethics or ethical philosophy?

Originally posted: 10-Aug-2012.

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