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Effect of Social Obstruction

From Social to Personal Auspices

Operating under social auspices should be a natural experience that accords with the nature of the particular Quest. If, however, personal pursuit of a Quest generates too much social opposition or official opprobrium, then something is evidently wrong.

Because «right» is the existential evaluator, a person will re-consider their Quest so that they can choose an approach that seems «right».

The substitute new Quest is chosen to enable an escape from social obstruction or official rejection. So, the natural course is to choose a Quest in the same quadrant because of the natural affinity. The marked differences between quadrants makes other options uncongenial. That means, in effect, moving from a Quest under social auspices to one under personal auspices: see diagram.

Using Natural Affinities

Social obstruction and rejection throw you back on your own resources. That generates a pressure to move centrifugally from the inner circle of Quests to the outer circle i.e. from social auspices to personal auspices.

Quests in the same TET quadrant have a distinctive affinity, with the more central Type usually viewing the more extreme Type as similar but more sophisticated. However, Primal Quests are different because of the existential issues in play: primarily the significance of transcendence of current reality to generate beneficial change.

In the two left-hand quadrants, which already demand a lesser degree of transcendence, the move involves reducing the tension, between the ideal and what exists, even further. This seems problematic for society but can be seen as an easy way out for the individual.

In the two right-hand quadrants, the move involves increasing the degree of transcendence of current reality yet further. This is potentially beneficial for humanity but immensely demanding for the individual.

Dangerous «Moves»

In the «discretionary interaction» quadrant, Obedience can become a way to gratify Salvation impulses. Independent personal Salvation activities are complicated and usually involve compromises. If society makes it too hard through red-tape, politics or cultural antipathy, then providing help in the context of fulfilling a ritualistic obligation to care within a role in an established institution is far simpler and more definite. Such a move boosts certainty about effectiveness. The self is also more protected from social stresses intrinsic to rescue efforts. However, voluntary engagement in humane activity is something valuable for humanity and so, if this analysis is correct, certainty comes at a cost: diminution of good works and suppression of independent spontaneous compassionate impulses.

In the «feeling good» quadrant, moving from a Meaning Quest on the inner circle to Pleasure on the outer boosts immediacy of gratification. The Pleasure Quest can offer a rapid, unmistakable comfort, specifically suited to you, in a way that directly pursuing Meaning does not. Not any pleasure works. Mixing with others who share the same values provides congeniality and fun, which can become an end in itself. Work activities might be similarly adjusted with a focus on job satisfaction and ease of living, even if it is impossible to make a difference. So, the price is: weakening of ideal-driven debates and lessening of efforts to make a worthwhile difference in society.

Beneficial «Moves»

In the «entangled activities» quadrant, putting more effort, i.e. more of yourself—more commitment, more time, more personal resources—into a project is likely to enhance its success. Doing that also boosts pain tolerance in that you will try harder while expecting frustrations and difficulties. The courage to go into pain and to handle frustration while persevering with the «will-to-create» intensifies experiences of grappling with reality and generates inner tension. This is personally stressful but can be beneficial in the wider scheme of things.

In the «knowing clearly» quadrant, the Enlightenment Quest is frequently a precursor to deeper spiritual experiences. To the release from illusions about society is added a release from delusions of duality. So the move to Spirituality boosts liberation and provides freedom from the pressure to communicate to an unreceptive or even hostile audience. Again, spiritual disciplines depend on generating inner tension. Their wider benefit is more difficult to speculate about in detail: however it seems very possible that the more genuine spirituality, the better for humanity.

Originally posted:  27-Jul-2012.

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