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Auspices for Primal Quests

The Primal Quests are powerful phenomena for both the person and their social milieu. So they need to receive some sort of oversight and regulation. Observation reveals that Quests may be primarily under social or personal auspices.

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Quests under Social Auspices

Quests located centrally require social backing, communal support and friendly encouragement. They get judged by members of your society and sometimes relevant authorities too. As a result, they require you to give attention to others and to the social scene generally.

Going clockwise from Creation:

Creation as Work «in-Flow»

This Quest is guided by social values. Activities and challenges must «produce goodswhich includes services.» that are wanted because they fill some human need. The value of the work done is assigned within the relevant markets in society.

Meaning Quest

This Quest only receives social backing if the ideals are shared. Immediate support can be gained from understanding others via empathy and developing a rapport that leads to reciprocity. Projects to make improvements are chosen to win community support, with specific goals that energize others.

Salvation Quest

This Quest wins social support in the act of rescuing specific individuals. These efforts simultaneously activate and relieve the conscience of wider society, so others contribute, commonly via donations. Social support is vital because official cooperation is commonly required.

Enlightenment Quest

This Quest, though potentially anti-social, can only flourish if it addresses active and problematic social issues. However, it takes a crisis for most people to open their eyes and take responsibility. So social legitimation and backing typically arrives only after self-deception and ignorance have caused widespread harm.

Quests under Personal Auspices

Quests located at the extremes are primarily under one's own control and depend on personal determination. Each requires that you develop convictions and possess a degree of inner strength.

Going clockwise from Creation:

Creation as Supreme-Courage

This Quest is a highly personal and often lengthy and stressful struggle with brute realities. As a creator, you must stay true to your vision even if the social environment misunderstands, ridicules and even opposes your scheme. Others may eventually see the value of what you create—but not necessarily in your lifetime.

Leadership driven primarily by such creativity in organizations is recognizable, but rare: read about creative leadership.

Pleasure Quest

This Quest requires personal control over the form and timing of gratification. Only you know what gives you most physical-sensual pleasure and how to integrate pleasures effectively into your life. Others will comply and often develop seductive ways to engage you: but you are always the final arbiter about what is reasonable given your overall situation. No-one else but you can get the balance of work and play right. It is up to you to resist being either too severe on yourself or to easily seduced away from responsibilities.

Obedience Quest

This Quest allows you to choose the context (institution, paradigm, sect, department) within which obedience will be operated. It depends on your continuous and willing inner discipline. Only you know if you are adhering to the spirit of a rule, or putting on a hypocritical show for some other hidden egocentric benefit. If the institution degrades, or unwanted social pressure builds, then you can usually depart and find a different setting.

Spirituality Quest

This Quest is purely a personal matter, which is why organized religion distrusts it. Your search for oneness is yours and yours alone. Your personal experience of God or divine realms is not a matter for others to rule upon or interfere with. You know what you experience, and you know that you want spiritual experiences. You know that no-one but yourself can make it happen and determine that it did happen.

Originally posted:  27-Jul-2012

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