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Equilibrium in Reality

Prerequisites for Happiness

The diagonals of the Primal Quest TET reveal the two components necessary for the pursuit of happiness or the purpose of life. They have been named:


The Equilibrium set of Quests lies on the diagonal running from bottom left to upper right. In order, they are: 
PleasureMeaningEnlightenment Spirituality.

Equilibrium, from the Quest's existential perspective, is about handling the effects of immersion in reality. Unexpected disappointment, accidents, illness and misfortune are to be expected. The everyday world, with its difficulties, confusions, accidents, and messiness causes us pain, frustration, fear, and disappointment. Such states are captured here as misfortune and suffering. Equilibrium Quests assist in bearing this misfortune and suffering.
Note: Misfortune is often Closed a projection of wishes on to the world such that when the world does not take care of you, you have something external to blame as the cause of your suffering. Karma, fate, and providence are sometimes used in this way.

ClosedDysfunctional ways to avoid suffering ►

To ameliorate suffering and inhibit blaming, each Quest demands active concentration and focus in a particular way: often called «taking yourself in hand». Each permits you to psychologically escape from or metaphorically «rise above» your situation.

These Quests are activated by stress, as long as it is not of traumatic severity.

ClosedMore on Trauma

Pleasure provides the simplest method of escape from the burden of your cares and worries. The Quest simply demands that you concentrate on sensual gratification and give yourself wholly to the pleasurable experience.

Meaning lets you rise above events because the Quest requires you to concentrate on feelings and ideals with a focus on goals, that together reveal how your world should be and can be, in contrast to how it is.

Enlightenment provides for balance by dispelling the illusions permeating the social environment. You must concentrate on misunderstandings and mysteries intrinsic to whatever seems most important and puzzling.

Spirituality enables the most radical departure from the world as we ordinarily know it. Equilibrium is obtained by concentrating on a totally different state of consciousness: that is perfect, whole and unifying.

Changes Moving Along the Diagonal

The diagonal contains Quests that range from «low detachment + low transcendence» to «high detachment + high transcendence».

Moving up the diagonal, these Primal Quests require ever greater self-detachment (Y-axis) and produce ever greater transcendence of reality (X-axis). As a result, they progressively:

Correspondingly, there is a progressive increase in the personal effort needed to sustain pursuit of the Primal Quest. As a result, still moving up but now from an outsider's perspective, persons involved with these Quests seem:

Originally posted: 27-Jul-2012.

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