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Immersion in Reality

Prerequisites for Happiness

The human condition is difficult. Happiness does not just happen. Nor can you chase after it in the abstract. It is like anything deeply importanti.e. anything that is an ultimate value-PH6L7—friendship, wealth, peace, growth, efficiency, knowledge, success, freedom, love—you only experience it as a by-product of relevant activity. (Remember: We are here to do!) In the case of happiness, that activity is constructed around one, or more usually two, of the Primal Quests, one on each diagonal.

The diagonals of the Primal Quest TET reveal the two components necessary for genuine happiness. They have been named:


The Immersion set of Quests lies on the diagonal running from upper left to bottom right. In order, they are:

This set of Quests is described as immersive because their operation demands that you must actively interact with external realities (psychosocial and empirical) and experience yourself as part of them. Do this properly and you stay sane. However, the resultant meshing of your self and the world about you is never fully under your control, and self-restraint is required for safety.

ClosedReality is Unmanageable: So Why Immerse?

Remember that Quest action is not ordinary action that can be satisfied by a pre-specified result and then forgotten about. The challenging goal in this set of Quests is «how to become a part of reality in a way that delivers sanity and self-restraint». The answer seems to be experiential: partial identification. The three Quests each offer a different possibility for your identification.

Obedience provides immersion through identification with a role within an institution, enabling you to follow its rules and procedures, explicitly or implicitly.

Salvation requires immersion via a humane attitude leading to an identification with someone suffering or vulnerable and in grave danger.

Creation demands identification with a challenge: i.e. an idea, proposition or conception.

Changes Moving Along the Diagonal

The diagonal contains Quests that range from «high detachment + low transcendence» to «low detachment + high transcendence».

Going down the diagonal, these Primal Quests involve ever greater transcendence from current reality (X-axis) and require ever less self-detachment (Y-axis). As a result, they progressively:

Going up the diagonal, the Primal Quests allow ever more detachment from self (Y-axis), and ever less transcendence of reality (X-axis). As a result, they progressively:

Originally posted: 27-Jul-2012

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