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TET Model for Comparisons

THEE Note: The Root Types might, perhaps, be unsuited to comparative analysis using a Typology Essences Table (TET). However, the TET has proved its worth repeatedly elsewhere, so an exploration was advisable—and it has indeed proved valuable.

This page is a reminder of what is involved in the usual TET. If you are familiar with these principles from elsewhere in THEE, continue directly to choosing the relevant field of psychosocial reality for Primal Quests.

Note: This account is applicable to all Principal Typologies.

Principal Typologies are found within the 6th Level of a Primary Hierarchy: see THEE Path. They are a set of 7 methods that govern how that Hierarchy is operated. In practice, they appear as approaches or mentalities which attract committment and belief within a particular domain of functioning. I refer to them as optimizers because each claims to guarantee the "best" results.

The Types can be plotted on a 2x2 Table, called a Typology-Essences Table (= TET). The resulting TET layout reveals features of practical importance that would otherwise be difficult to notice.

Each TET requires names for its axes. These names are called the executing duality (eD) of the Types. It specifies the personal context for using the method in the particular psychosocial field, which is specified by the primary structural hierarchy.

General explanation of a 2x2 Typology Essences Table: Axes and Quadrants.

Once we have the correct formulations of the approaches in the Typology and have identified the appropriate executing duality, each of the 7 approaches can be plotted onto the TET. Each in turn is assessed and compared as: «very high» or «high»—covering the higher part of each axis; or «low» or «very low»—covering the lower part of each axis.

The inquiry challenge is to name the TET axes validly and sufficiently precisely for the focus of concern.

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Originally posted: 13-Jul-2012.

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