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Primal Quest Comparisons

The Story So Far

The Primal Quests have now been described in principle and in practice. They were discovered nested within Purpose-RL6 in the Hierarchy of Endeavour. As life is endeavour, the Primal Quests are, by definition, a special framework of Purposes of Life.

Their function (i.e. purpose, rationale) is taken to be the provision of happiness. They also provide meaning. Meaning is a synonym for purpose, but it is also an element of communication and so suggests that the Quests are a way of making sense of our existence.

The Primal Quests are:

The Next Step

It is possible to gain a deeper appreciation of the Primal Quests as a Framework-Set by comparing them using a Typology Essences Table (TET).

The TET is a method for plotting a THEE Typology, in this case all Primal Quests, in terms of the relevant field of psychosocial reality. Such a display not only differentiates the Quests further, it also illuminates their relationships and interactions as experienced in everyday life.

In the topics to follow in this section, the TET will enable recognition of:

Originally posted: 13-Jul-2012.

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