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Review: Quests in Practice

The various factors associated with the practical pursuit of Primal Quests are summarized in this Matrix. Click on the Quest to review practical issues in more detail.

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RH'L Primal Quest Happiness
Challenge Means Necessity
Social Aspects Problem
7 Spirituality Oneness, blessing
Dark night of the soul.
The divine is concealed amidst distracting profane, dualistic perceptions. RL7: Willingness-based
Intensification of experience (e.g. via prayer, ecstatic practices, effortless knowing).
Heightened imagination

loss of touch with mundane reality.
Depends on how manifested, and cultural values. Handling dualities and practicalities that are part of living.
6 Obedience Comfort in the certainty of doing right
Conflicting duties, meaninglessness.
Subjugation of personal desires, views and preferences. RL6: Purpose-based
Meticulous observance of regulations, rituals, rules, customs and personal vows.
Abdication of self

loss of integrity and responsibility.
Valued by organs of law & order:
police, military, official religion, government bureaucracy.
Reconciling conflicting duties.
5 Creation Freedom and release
Self-doubt or an inner block.
«Rightness» including technical virtuosity. RL5: Communication-based
Becoming a vehicle for transcendental forces.
Absorptive state or frenzy

neglect of self and family.
Attraction to the new—or
shock of the new.
Egotism and the mundane requirements of daily life.
4 Salvation Experience of rescuing
Helplessness &/or hopelessness in the face of suffering.
Human imperfection, especially man's inhumanity to man. RL4: Experience-based
Relevant expertise to heal, care, cure, educate, protect and strengthen where needed.
Rescue fantasies

grandiosity, waste of resources.
Unqualified respect and admiration. Appraising dangers and recognizing resource constraints.
3 Enlightenment Liberation from illusions
Ignorance, blindness.
Knowing yourself utterly. RL3: Change-based
Reflective meditative conclusions that demand change in oneself &/or others.

arrogance, superiority.
Illumination with gratitude, or rejection with scorn. Social resistance leads to attenuation, distortion or rejection.
2 Meaning Making a difference
Ambivalence and confusion.
Understanding and relating to others. RL2: Inquiry-based
Exploration, investigation, dialogue and finding information that persuades others.
Narrow focus

over-involvement, bias, blinkers.
Support and encouragement, subject to working through issues. Finding a course of action that is feasible, beneficial and personally acceptable.
1 Pleasure Sensual gratification
Misery and boredom.
Endurance of illness, loss, accidents, ageing and death. RL1: Action-based
Control of a willingly conforming social environment so as to get gratified with a minimum of frustration.
Search for new pleasures

greed, dissipation.
Often sought in groups for mutual reinforcement and heightening of pleasure. Need to remain within a comfort-zone to maintain control.

Primal Quests can be viewed as emerging progressively via effort in accord with a dialectical unfolding duality.

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Originally posted: 29-Jun-2012

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