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Primal Quests ≠ Interacting for Benefit

The approaches to Interacting for Benefit are about styles of social behaviour and inter-personal mindsets, not about human existence. The desired personal benefit may be direct or indirect via improving the communal context. Focusing on the everyday handling of ourselves comes more naturally than pondering existential issues. Still, there is a superficial similarity and a potential for confusion with Primal Quests.

TOP Note: This topic assumes familiarity with both Frameworks— 
Primal Quests
Interacting for Benefit.

Interacting-for-benefit is ethical in nature, despite being egocentric. It is about reconciling two somewhat conflicting ethical obligations in order to personally prosper in society. The two ethical choice approaches that create the 7 Approaches to Interacting-for-benefit are:

Four of the derived mentalities—Power-L2, Community-L4, Kinship-L5, & Reality-L7—are primarily about ensuring well-being. So it is not surprising that their affirmation and activation is given much attention. They do look superficially like Quests, but they are not even resonant.

Differences between the two Frameworks are shown in this Table:

  Primal Quests
Interacting-for-Benefit (PH'6QH4)
Nature Existential Ethical
THEE Form Root Typology Subsidiary Typology
Twin Functions Maintaining sufficient equilibrium and immersion within reality. Ensuring well-being and productivity in your society.
Orientation To humanity, present & future. To yourself and your society.
Application To endeavours broadly; but may become relatively inactive. To every social interaction, and never inactive.
Benefit Life-centric: About the purpose of your life: getting life right and being happy. Egocentric: About getting immediate benefits from specific interactions.

► Look at the practicalities of the Quests.

Originally Posted: 15-Jun-2012

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