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Discerning Your Primal Quest

What We Know so Far

Your chosen Primal Quest shapes or affects and probably controls, indirectly or at crucial moments, the selection of specific personal endeavours-RH. See its location within THEE in the diagram.
ClosedTechnical Position

The 7 Primal Quests are not yet fully articulated by any means.
Still to come:Closed
► Differences in practical aspects.
► Insights from comparisons using the Typology Essences Table (TET).
► Forms of ethics and creativity based on Model Beings.

Nevertheless, it is time to review and consolidate because, although these Primal Quests begin rather simply, they get stranger and more generally useful as we learn more about them.

Still unsure what Primal Quests are about? Then start first by
Closedbeing fully certain about what they are not:►

Primal Quests are THEE-Types and take 7 very different forms that should be easy to recognize. They probably organize our existence insofar as it is personal and about endeavour. The existential quality means Primal Quests are part of our common humanity. Even though manifestations will be socially and culturally shaped, as a means to happiness/meaning, they exist beyond society, time and culture.

ClosedAre Primal Quests Chosen? 

The location of Primal Quests—in the THEE Root Typology nested within Purpose-RL6—means that they are a special sort of purposive system. You can accept or reject most purposes, albeit with effort in the case of value systems where your identification and loyalty are strong. But can you treat your Quest in that way? 

This question comes up in every THEE Typology. The answer is not known. I am particularly uncertain how much choice we actually have in regard to these Quests.

Perhaps it is a matter of authenticity. Each of us either goes with the flow and follows our path, or we choose to resist it. Social compulsion does not seem to play a role, but social support almost certainly does. If we do not go with the authentic flow for any reason, I sense that we will probably feel deeply dissatisfied somewhere inside: even unhappy. To avoid the pain of self-betrayal, we might then diffusely blame others, or the times, for our existential state.

This is a tentative view: because there is evidence and reason to think that choice plays a role in some cases, at least unconsciously.

Your Background Awareness

Primal Quests are endeavours that primarily, or at least initially, seem to exist as a diffuse awareness context for other endeavours that are socially demanded &/or maintain personal identity.

Discerning the Primal Quest of another may be rather easy—or difficult. You need a confiding and reflective relationship so that you can observe choices over time, hear their justifications, and witness their pursuit. The present inquiry (2010-2011) is an initial foray and the following notes on each Quest are offered as tentative propositions.

ClosedWhy are Primal Quests in the Background?

ClosedBecoming Aware of Your Quest

Recognizing a Person's Quest

Pleasure Quest-RH'L1, seems to be the most common, and (perhaps) the easiest Quest to recognize.

Meaning Quest-RH'L2 is built on realizing values. So it can easily be combined with employment or enterprise, and with recreational or charitable activities outside work. Look for an emphasis on feelings and empathy.

Enlightenment Quest-RH'L3 is not easily recognized and is certainly not synonymous with a scientific career. It may show up more in activities outside work.

Salvation Quest-RH'L4 is socio-centric, and lends itself to full-time caring, healing, welfare or rescue work. Identification is rather easy because of the intense interest in those who are suffering and possibly by a flow of selfless humanitarian acts.

Creation Quest-RH'L5 can show up as a positive enjoyment of work: whether commercial or not-for-profit, artistic or scientific.

Obedience Quest-RH'L6 lends itself to a range of occupations that self-evidently value the emphasis on duties, protocols and procedures e.g. in the military, legal profession, and religious institutions.
ClosedBut …

Spirituality-RH'L7 is a deeply private Quest whose significance may take time to emerge or may always have been felt.

Originally Posted: 15-Jun-2012

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