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Initial Review

Mystery Removed

The Primal Quest reveals the meaning of your life. It is your route to happiness. So it is a specific answer to a practical question often viewed as mysterious or meaningless.

There is no mystery now. These Primal Quests are observable in any life that is vigorous: mine, yours and others'.

The properties identified so far have been tabulated below to aid comparison. Review any Primal Quest by clicking on its name, then go on to examine the practical issues posed by each.

ClosedSee the Matrix of Quest Basics


This section commenced the investigative work to differentiate the Primal Quests unambiguously. In this regard, two oscillations in the hierarchy of Primal Quests were identified:

ClosedSee the Matrix of Oscillation

The direction of attention is provisionally identified as the oscillating duality. The rather complex relation of Quests to self and society will become clearer in a summary following the TET analysis.

Next Steps

Originally posted: 8-Jun-2012

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