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Salvation: RH'L4

The Story so Far

Quest for Pleasure-RH'L1 is not just self-centricClosed it demands the discovery of what gratifies, and the focus is on bodily desires.

Quest for Meaning-RH'L2 is not just socio-centric: Closed it demands the development of purposes and projects that feel worthwhile, and the focus is on personal ideals.

Quest for Enlightenment-RH'L3 is not just self-centric:Closed it demands the discovery of reality in a way that could benefit others—if they choose to listen—and the focus is on existential mysteries.

e.g. Mark Twain saw through social consensus:Closed  "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."

If this pattern holds, the next Quest-RH'L4 will probably be socio-centric and require development.

Salvation: The Heart of Quest Country

Function: To save another from suffering or danger.
i.e. happiness depends on actively rescuing others without thought of personal gain. (Note: «Helping» is too weak a term.) 

So: The purpose of life is «to do good to and for others, when they are suffering acutely or at serious risk of harm».

Salvation-RH'L4 embodies active compassion. However, compassion is a universal human capacity (related to goodness) and does not in itself imply or require pursuit of a Salvation Quest-RH'L4.

NOTE: All higher Quests can also be described as providing Salvation, but they do not see happiness as rooted in just rescuing people in need.

ClosedWhy is Salvation a Quest?

Correspondence to Root Hierarchy: Saving others requires awareness of their mental state to know that they need and want assistance. Only Experience-RHL4 can provide the necessary guide. The saver of others knows through identification-PH4L6 what the other seeks and needs. Those on this Quest seek to be sensitive to the recipient's feelings and preferences when making active efforts to rescue.


ClosedSpiritual Salvation is a Crusade not a Quest

ClosedSpeculation about the Salvation of Humanity

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Originally posted: 8-Jun-2012

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