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Our Primal Quests : RH'

The Puzzle

What, if any, «Mindset/Mentality/Approach/Paradigm» governs or shapes the way we each develop our life? I do not refer here to the choice of any specific endeavour or vocation, but to what governs our varied and numerous endeavours in general.

Standard Answer-1: Over millennia, thinkers have repeatedly proposed that we wish our existence to be happy &/or meaningful. That sounds right. So this nested RH'L6-system probably deals with the mindset that we use, to find happiness &/or meaning in our existence.

Standard Answer-2: Over millennia, thinkers have proposed that each person's life has a purpose, but it is up to each to determine that purpose. It is usual in THEE for the 6th Level in a hierarchy to contain a special set of entities that compete to govern how the hierarchy should be operated. Here the hierarchy is endeavour. Because our endeavours define our life, a Typology of purposes of life should be found within RHL6-Purpose.

To explore further, we must Closedzoom out rather than focus down.

The Challenge

To identify and formulate an underpinning or overarching psychosocial system that is:

The formal name provisionally given to this system is: Primal Quest.

What is a «Primal Quest»?

Each Primal Quest is a purpose for living and must have a discrete function in the search for happiness/meaning.

ClosedWhy «Primal»?

ClosedWhy «Quest»?

ClosedTechnical Predictions

The Root Typology of Primal Quests is tentatively assumed to be structurally similar to a Principal Typology in that:

Next Steps

The Primal Quest Typology specifies the options we have for seeking and finding happiness or meaning throughout our lives.

Originally posted: 18-May-2012

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