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Background Story

Entering a New World

The discovery and development of the Frameworks and human experiences in this section have taken a markedly different course. You should be aware of it because it touches on validity.

Frameworks have usually been developed in response to external demands:

By contrast, work on the present Framework was initially generated by a taxonomic puzzle. I had discovered the Root Hierarchy in the late 1990s, naming the Levels with some trepidation. As part of validation, it was important to determine whether or not it had a Typology nested within its 6th LevelPurpose.

Pursuit of that inquiry gave me a surprising insight into a new world. I found that a special and unusual part of psychosocial reality exists inside Purpose-RL6. It is independent of one's immediate group obligations: whether organizational, disciplinary or societal. In this world, there is just you—and the rest of humanity; or you as a representative of humanity.

Creating Psychosocial Reality

The existence of psychosocial reality through our creative efforts had been a constant backdrop, intrinsic to THEE and all its Frameworks. The issues in the foreground were always practicalities and social requirements. So psychosocial reality was largely taken for granted. The overwhelming cultural dominance of empirical perceptions meant that it took some time and courage to disentangle and affirm.

Suddenly, with this inquiry, creating came to the fore because purposes are simply created. They have no solid tangible existence of their own prior to that creation. Once created, they have no empirical existence, but rather belong within a transcendental realm of pure creation.

The higher purposes, which are values, are the ultimate powers that determine the quality of our life. If we want our world to be a better place, then the way to proceed is going to be found here.

That was an exciting thought.

21st Century Enlightenment

As part of developing the idea of a better world, I noticed that changes were occurring around me.

As the Millennial generation started to come of age, it became evident that its members were focusing on existential issues in a way that had not happened since the 1960s. Perceiving the extent to which technology had empowered them, they were asking the big question: "What should I do with my freedom?"

Thousands of Twitter quotes advocate a mind-centric viewpoint. Many blogs give advice about finding your passion, reaching your goals, or improving your life—but rarely from a purely practical perspective. Most have an unequivocal spiritual or moral tinge, touching on topics like values, self-discipline, inner-awareness, accepting reality, being grateful, helpfulness, and more.

Writers produce lists: 10 rules of happiness, 20 concepts that changed my life, 48 keys to wisdom, 7 ways to stick to goals &c. Valuable as these are, there is no order or rationale. It was evident that THEE should be able to supply the necessary order and provide additional assistance and illumination.

I decided that I wanted to develop these transcendental Frameworks for the coming generation. They have a massive task ahead of them and need all the help they can get. However, in the present case, I have to acknowledge that my efforts are more conjectural than usual. Joint inquiry and collaboration are more necessary than ever. Whoever you are, step forward.

Originally posted: 28-April-2012. Last updated: 1-Nov-2014.

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