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Tetrahedron of Morale

What makes you (or anyone) feel good about your work? Not surprisingly the answer can be found at the lowest three Levels that deal with energizing, controlling and orienting work.

In the THEE model, these items can be conceived of as a tetrahedron because influencing others-CG2B stands (imaginatively) above the others as the Centre controlling morale, just as it largely controls your work.

The Apex: Influencing Others

If you cannot influence others in your organization, work becomes very difficult. You may well feel inferior, weak, helpless and even impotent. If you can influence others, work becomes easier. You feel powerful, important and effective to the degree that your influence operates smoothly and naturally (from your perspective).

Developing the various skills of influence is an essential part of learning to be an employee. That is why influencing-CG2 is placed above the Triangle of Creative Working. If you are tongue-tied and dislike influencing othersClosed or if creativity is most important to you, it might be best to avoid work as an employee. See more on handling power plays.

Channels to Influencing

Determination is necessary so that you are not fobbed off by others. Your ability to influence may determine you to take on certain challenges. Your creative thinking may well inspire others; and your proficiency at work should stimulate them to cooperate with you. Efforts to influence others can lead to inspirations about how to go about that effectively. Others may also stimulate you to apply your abilities in particular ways.

When all this comes to together, your morale is high. Interestingly, that applies even if your efforts are not recognized or not entirely approved by your superiors.

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Originally posted: 17-Dec-2011

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