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Step-by-Step Analysis

This page introduces both frameworks: employing and being employed.

The topics to follow offer a systematic examination of the framework that suits the particular perspective, yours as management or yours as an employee. The aim is to tease out and clarify the nature of the Centres in each level and then the Channels that directly link these Centres.

Read more about THEE frameworks that are Trees  in the Hub.


There are a number of ways to clarify a Tree framework. However, in all cases the first requirement is to perceive and clarify the dynamic duality necessary to generate Centres. (The two needed dualities were proposed here.)

A. Start from the bottom at Level-1 and work upwards, clarifying Channels to Centres at each Level. Examples of this method are found in Organizational Achievement and Cooperation.

B. Start from the top at Level-7 and work downwards. An example of this method is posted in the analysis of politico-economic influences associated with governments interventions.

C. Start with all levels simultaneously. The present analysis applies this method. Using knowledge of all the levels, it introduces the dynamic duality to determine the Centres, and then identifies Channels between Centres in a systematic way. The order followed is:

Intra-level Channels (if 2 Centres in one level), then
Inter-level Channels, then
► Channels that by-pass one Level, then
► Channels that by-pass 2 or more Levels.

Recognizing Channels

Clarifying how Channels function is difficult without a deep feeling for the subject. Even then it is difficult. There are usually many false starts. General terms are a common distraction: e.g. any Centre can be loosely said to «require», «need», «influence», «support» &c. &c. another Centre. Something more definite is needed if the name is to be useful.

In these Trees, suitable THEE-names are chosen to specify the function of the Channel together with the Centres.

ClosedTheory of Channels

Good luck with the present frameworks: don't hesitate to disagree in your Comments. But if you do, then provide the reason to assist others. If you agree or like the topic, explain why (and give it a rating using the stars in the topic toolbar). Simple praise or attacks do not contribute much.

You are now ready to identify the tension that employment generates in any employee.

Originally posted: 17-Dec-2011

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