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Employment and Root Levels

Root hierarchy levels.

Each of the groupings has shown a link to a particular level in the Root Hierarchy (see right), that is difficult to wholly ignore: especially following the initial discovery of this correspondence during the Politics inquiry.

We briefly consider the possible and likely association(s) here:

CG7–Providing Incentives assumes both that there is a genuine offer, and that the organization is willing to take a chance on the applicant. The employee, for their part, must be ready and willing to put their abilities and energies at the disposal of the organization in return for the incentive. Trust seems required on both sides. That suggests the link here is to RL7: Willingness.

CG6–Showing Commitment seems to require unambiguous goals in the organization. Responsibility is based in values, and being pro-active must be goal-oriented. However, being responsible and proactive seem to be less about intrinsic goals as doing work-CG1 is, and more about a state of mind in which goals and values are given full attention. Adjustment, too, is more about altering inner attitudes and expectations than focusing on goals. So the likely correspondence is with RL4: Experience.

CG5–Offering Flexibility depends on handling oneself and others in the context of pressures that may be externally caused or based on some development internal to a person. Whatever the cause, offering flexibility is about a readiness to change oneself or change management rules or plans in response to change. The link is therefore probably with RL3: Change.

CG4–Making Assessments directly involves inquiry. Organizations require management to discover what is the case and report what is found. There are typical inquiry issues like certainty, suitability of method, and possible biases affecting conclusions. The link here is rather obviously to RL2: Inquiry.

CG3–Delivering Results requires action, and the energy to take action to overcome obstacles. In all cases, results are viewed as lying at the sharp end of achievement, i.e. doing. That suggests a direct association with RL1: Action.

CG2–Legitimating Authority is about permitting personal influence over others in regard to their duties, choices and activities. That influence can only be exerted through communication, both verbal and non-verbal. So the link here seems necessarily to RL5: Communication.

CG1–Doing Work of any sort implies goals, and challenges in work are also purposive. Work was described as an inner goal-directed process that results in an external desired output.  So the link here must surely be to RL6: Purpose.

ClosedClick here to compare the pattern shown here to that found in the analysis of Politics.

The discovered associations are shown by arrows in this diagram. This pattern has only recently been noticed and it is not clear what meant by a «link» between a Root Level (or particular Primary hierarchy) and a Grouping in a Structural hierarchy. More thought and more inquiry are required, with more examples as well.

Originally posted:11-Nov-2011

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