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The framework for expectations and obligations in large organizations takes the form of a THEE structural hierarchy. You can see it all in the two diagrams below. Also see below for a list of reviews, including the two main dualities.

Although it is not a simple picture—models of human systems are never simple—each component can be simple, clear, unambiguous and easily understood. If not, make your Comment.

Both an employee (a person) and an employer (the management, the organization) regard the type of activities shown in the top light blue bar of the diagram below as natural requirements of employment.

Employment is about using all possible means of achievement. Each Grouping (CG) and each Group within a Grouping is a means of achievement, formed from the elements in CG-1. Below each of the Groupings-CG are the enduring requirements placed on Management and on each and every Employee.

ClosedWhere did the Groupings-CG come from?

Better viewing: narrow or close left navigation column; use browser zoom if needed.

See the development of the internal structure of Groups within each Grouping in the above structural hierarchy by closing the navigation column and Closedclicking here ►


See a review and matrix summaries of the functions and various properties of this framework for the expectations and obligations placed on management and employees.

The locus of control for each grouping is the oscillating dualityread more.

The tension between sticking to a comfort-zone and being ambitious at work— emerges as the unfolding dualityread more

Compare Herzberg's influential ideas about satisfaction and motivation at work.

When investigating Politics for posting in TOP, a new architectural discovery emerged in the structural hierarchy. It seemed that groupings aligned with levels of the Root Hierarchy.  Does that apply here too? Investigate now.

Originally posted: 11-Nov-2011

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