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Expectations of Employment

Obligations & the Means of Achievement

When a person contracts to work for an organization (i.e. becomes an employee), that contract leads to mutual but differing expectations on each side. These expectations have the force of obligations.

The most generally applicable expectations emerge primarily from the desire of any employer to benefit from the use of all available «means of achievement». Taken together these expectations-cum-obligations form a new THEE pattern, a structural hierarchy.

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Employees & Management in Organizations

Numerous obligations and expectations exist in organizations because any and all achievement depends on individual employees. Even those in management are employees. The framework to be developed here covers all the «means of achievement» and the resulting «obligations and expectations» intrinsic to employment work. Naturally, management and employees are affected differently: even if they are often the same person.

To see the complete structural hierarchy framework in graphic form in advance, click here.

Starting Assumptions

Organizations are created to achieve something in accord with their mission.

► This requires people to decide to do things, so people are employed to achieve for the employing organization.

► As a result, both the employing organization and its employees must knowingly resort to a variety of means to deliver achievement.

► An Organization needs to use many of its employees to unambiguously represent its corporate values and goals: they are referred to as «management».

► Getting the interaction between each employee and the management right is the key to success for both parties.

All the various activities and interactions in employment work emerge, as a matter of obligation, from one momentous act: voluntarily entering into a contract of employment. Read more about the contract and about the differing perspectives of employees and management.

You are then ready to start discovering the framework.

Originally posted: 20-Oct-2011

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