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The Dilemma in Deciding

Only people make decisions. So organizations get their decisions made (and eventual achievement) by having people in posts or roles with definite and delimited expectations. As a result there is a constant tension arising from the pressures on any individual working within organizations.

► Am I thinking, deciding and acting in terms of myself and my role?
► Am I thinking, deciding and acting for the organization as a whole?
► Am I doing both at the same time?

The Individual Pole refers to:

■ personal interests, needs, ambitions, drives, preferences, qualifications, achievements and so on, that influence decision and action.

The Organization Pole refers to:

■ the organization's interests, structure, total staff complement, choices—and also includes shared or group values within the organization.

Overall, it may seem easy to assert: «both at the same time!», but life in an organization occurs decision by decision;
it is not at all obvious that every decision and every action always reflects both poles of the duality.

So we must now examine the ways in which an organization achieves, taking the analysis step by step and keeping this duality in mind.


Start exploring at the foundation of organizational life: the need for action.

Originally posted: 17-Sep-2011

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