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A spiral trajectory for strengthening the management culture has been identified. Starting from a TET for decision-methods, Modes of Achievement were developed as value sets implicit in the decision methods—see the «list logic» below.

Each Mode is an essential element of the strongest possible management culture—a dynamic and informed pragmatic ethos.

The Spiral Obeys Psychosocial Logic

In weak management cultures, key values needed for achievement are entirely missing, inadequate or misused. Everyone knows that. The essential THEE-derived discovery is that value deficiencies cannot be fixed haphazardly. There is only one possible order to build the strongest possible management culture. It is shown in the diagram, but...

The seven values in each mode were developed on the basis of project work, the literature and (for the last two Stages) a dollop of imagination.  Each achievement mode is a value system and each has the same internal logic.

Value systems do not survive for long outside a human host. So the 7th value emerges as the creative source of the mode. As long as people behave in accord with that value, the value system is ineradicable in organizations and social life.

Compare the different types of transition in the spiral trajectory.

Consider implications for leading culture change.

Look at some common FAQ's from managers.

According to a systems law, each mode will depend to some degree and in some way on all the others. Interactions between the various value systems will occur spontaneously if individual managers work together in pursuit of organizational goals. This notion is developed in the next section that focuses on generating achievement in organizations.

Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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