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Installing Imaginist Values

The leadership must validate and promote values of the Imaginist Mode as critical to the success of the organization. (Of course, as with information use in the Empiricist Mode, sensitivity and creativity do not need to wait for this stage.)

If leaders do not believe and understand what is involved, nothing will happen. Boards that maintain bizarre conceptions of creativity as being about wearing sandals, growing facial hair, or being vegetarian,ion. can easily get re-affirmed in their cynicism of «touchy-feely» nonsense.

A major effort must go into linking the individual and the organization in regard to potentials and opportunities. Personal aspirations must empower the organizational vision and vice versa: each member of staff being aware of both. If this can be achieved, personal commitment to the corporation and its strategy will build naturally.

When the creative potentials of individuals gel, they produce a group energy and release group synergy. People will really enjoy their work.

Inquiry and learning are necessary to achieve this: people must voluntarily look into themselves and engage in dialogue with colleagues. The skills of effective relating and the use of creativity techniques must be practised both individually and within teams.

Values of the Imaginist Mode can also degenerate: go there now and prepare yourself for the one last difficult transition: to the Systemicist Mode.

Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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