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Stage-6: Releasing Creativity

The IMAGINIST Mode can increase motivation and release creativity—but at an organizational price. That price is a much greater sensitivity to people as individuals i.e. their aspirations, needs, feelings and relationships, but always in the work context.

Managers are now exposed and vulnerable. ClosedWhy?

Fortunately, this is good, because hiding and thriving are opposites. The Imaginist Mode cannot be widely introduced until after the other modes have been solidly established. ClosedWhy?

However, the Imaginist Mode has an important and beneficial influence on earlier modes. It encourages everyone to face certain realities about themselves, about others and about the organization itself; and it vitalizes decisions about values and objectives, which eases adherence.

Introducing the imaginist mode as a learning technology is worth the effort. ClosedBut Recall That Axiom (Again):

Imaginist Values & Principles

In handling the situation:

In handling the group:

In handling yourself:

The Human Significance of Work

Work is an element of being a whole person. It is a psychological and spiritual necessity, apart from its social and financial functions.

Work keeps us in contact with reality. Work is the way we can be creative. Work is necessary to know ourselves, to relate to others, and to belong in society. We need to be aware how much we depend upon work done by others.

Work should be meaningful and everyone has a responsibility to themselves to ensure it is. Organizations aid self-actualization and the spiritualization of society when they enable people to realize their true potential in work.

Work has a dangerous aspect for personal well-being: it is status-defining and can activate arrogance as a degenerate value.

● The idea of a «shortage of work» is dangerous; and equating work with being «given a job» devalues it. Much work cannot be socially defined: not only work like parenting, but managerial work too.

Work can be created: indeed all work is created. So you need to go beyond mechanically fulfilling specified duties if you (and your organization) are to thrive.

Read more on the nature of work in organizations.

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Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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