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Cultures in Organizations

First: What is Culture?

Culture is a set of enduring values (beliefs, value systems) that are held by a group and that define its identity.

ClosedIn a society

In an organization, cultures are of two sorts:

Closed● Spontaneous culture

Closed● Developed culture

It is useful to develop a culture that will:

● maintain the distinctiveness (identity) of the organization
● support its effective functioning
● enable a good fit with its market and social environment.

Then: What is «Management Culture»?

Management exists to ensure successful achievement. So a management culture is a developed culture containing values deemed essential for achievement.

Closed■ Q: Who is responsible?

Closed■ Q: Where do «appropriate values» come from?

Closed■ Q: How do decision approaches provide values?

The management culture of an organization is defined by the pervasive presence (or absence) of values from the «modes of achievement» derived from THEE's approaches to decision-making.

Stages = New Values

Changing a culture involves identifying and installing the requisite values. These values must be explicitly applied, written down and talked about until they are fixed in memory. That is the only way to overcome their strangeness, and to permit genuine identification and understanding.

ClosedHow values in each Stage will be explained:

Cultural growth at every stage depends on starting from where you are and experiencing an urgent need to do better. Where you are, in too many cases, is a «neglected culture». Check here to see whether yours is like that.

Recognize the drivers of «natural» cultural evolution. See a diagram of the whole developmental process now.

Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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