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The Spiral Trajectory

Management Culture

Management culture refers to refers to those values, within the organization, perceived as essential to manage staff and business activities effectively

Consulting experience has shown that the management culture can be strengthened in a staged process. The stages are defined by value-sets (called «Modes») that derive from the decision approaches.

The natural sequence of Modes (value-sets) to be installed traces out a spiral trajectory of developmental Stages when plotted on the decision-making TET. The sets of values at each Stage cumulate. 

The Trajectory of Change in Brief

Culture starts from the Pragmatic Mode, which enables immediate necessary action. However, it soon becomes evident that some essential work is not getting done properly or at all, management is perceived as weak, and the work environment is chaotic.

Cycle-1 concludes by re-entering pragmatism with a more logical form of opportunism.

Cycle-2 concludes by re-entering pragmatism with a far more focused and dynamic form of pragmatism.

ClosedPragmatism is the Key

The full story is far more interesting than this summary, and it starts here.

Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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