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The framework for developing the strongest possible management culture builds on a pragmatic foundation by progressively incorporating core values from the remaining 6 approaches to decision-making. So, to follow the unfolding story of the section, it is helpful to be familiar with the 7 approaches to making decisions and with the decision TET.

See a summary of the trajectory for cultural maturation in advance. Or plunge in here. But it might be best to be sure that you understand «culture» and perhaps Closedcheck some background:

Understanding Culture

Start by getting comfortable with the notion of cultures in organizations.

Become properly oriented to culture by visiting:

► what «organizational culture» and «management culture» are about.

features of a neglected culture — this condition is so common in both the private and public sector, that it should cause no surprise.

what drives cultural change.

► what installing values entails.

background on the discovery of this framework and relevant reading.

Originally posted: 17-Jun-2011

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