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Key Features of the 7 Decision Approaches

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  Name Aim Core Process Characteristic Feature Emphasis Typical Belief
L'7 Imaginist
To relieve disquiet Developing inspiration Internalize and confront disquiet to activate group imagination. What enables personal growth? Aspirations, creative potential.
L'6 Structuralist
To maximise accountability and control Assigning accountability Assign the right people to the right tasks. Who is responsible? Efficient managerial hierarchy.
L'5 Systemicist To improve organisational effectiveness Triggering balanced development. Recognize and balance interrelated forces and factors. What is a useful model of the situation? Inter-connections enable organic evolution.
L'4 Dialectic
To resolve conflicts of interests Finding compromises Debate who should get what and why. What payoff will satisfy each party? Respect for different views and viewpoints.
L'3 Pragmatic To get action for some gain Seizing opportunities Seize on easy obvious opportunities for piece-meal improvement What can I do easily now? Self-interest & expedience.
L'2 Empiricist  To resolve problems Using information Analyse underlying problems to yield the best solution. What are the relevant facts? Facts are certain & knowledge is essential.
L'1 Rationalist To achieve objectives Setting purposes Get agreement on priorities, goals, plans and evaluation. What are our aims? Significance of shared values.

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The various ways of deciding differ so sharply in their focus and nature, that their processes can be difficult to compare. In the accounts found in the Table of Contents, a schema is used to help us see what is involved. The schema lets us imagine a decision process as if it were a «rational cycle» with artificial sequential segments.

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