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Orientation to Decision

This Satellite is about achievement and it starts from the different ways that people make decisions. From this foundation, it develops a variety of frameworks that are relevant to anyone and everyone working within an organization.

Note to CEOs only:Closed Use this to understand your managers better!
Note to Employees only:Closed Use this to understand your bosses better!

As you know: to get anywhere, you have to do something. All doing is driven by choice, and that may mean consciously deciding. So knowing how you decide is highly relevant to everyone.

Decisions permeate everyday life, relationships, politics. Indeed everywhere that anyone tries to achieve something. Talking and thinking will only take you so far—action is the final common pathway for achievement.

Organizations, where most people now work, are about achieving using many people. Success is particularly dependent on good decisions and resolute action. However, achievement becomes much trickier because so many are involved. Doing the work requires organising.

So this Satellite also looks at employment in organizations. Here, management is taken for granted. Management itself is explained in the work-responsibility Satellite.


Originally posted: 23-Mar-2011

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