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I cannot recommend much. In many cases, general terminology and academic scholarship can assist us in our sometimes unorthodox inquiries.  However, in Communication, I found the scholarly literature particularly confused and confusing. So there have only been occasional forays over the years into books that particularly captured my interest as «classics of the times».

ClosedProblems with Definitions

The term «communication» was largely hijacked by natural scientists and system scientists in the middle of last century. Semiologists and critical theorists spearheaded its recovery for social science; and, of course, THEE firmly grasps the personal and social aspects.

The term «language» stayed in-house. It has been parceled out amongst various social disciplines: mainly linguistics, semiotics, critical sociology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary sociobiology and philosophy.

Linguistic studies have helpfully clarified the three big sub-divisions of language:

Semantics - about meaning
Syntactics -  about correctly forming sentences
Pragmatics - about the use of language in practice.

THEE is not concerned with grammar/syntax or language per se, but with pragmatics and semantics that enable people to do things.

Your Recommendations:  Post any relevant authors or books that you have enjoyed and that might be valuable for others. Provide some details about the reasons for your suggestion.

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