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Determining Strategic Interventions

The Full Picture

Bringing the various analyses together provides this overview of the meta-economic framework for Government intervention in economic activities.

THEE Note:Closed Channel names have been provisionally taken from the detailed inquiry into cooperation.

The THEE-Tree diagram shows:

Prosperity is important to political stability, and politics has an intimate and natural connection with prosperity. Analyses of politics provide a deeper and more direct understanding of political choice, governmental solutions and citizen participation.

How Intervention Goes Wrong

The core of government influence: Strategic Intervention (L4B) interacts with 8 of the 9 other Centres. The single Centre not directly affected is L1-importance of wealth-creating activities. And that is the Centre that counts. Because the meta-economic system is inherently complex, quick-fix knee-jerk reactions by governments are likely to cause more harm than good. Simple obvious solutions often worsen the problem they were designed to cure.

See the Picture:


The Framework of Meta-economic Management for Government needs more attention. Provision of examples should be able to improve this Framework and assist its application.

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