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Rationality versus Politics

The Tension in Practice

Do governments emphasize a «rational» orientation in making their choices on economic matters? Or is a «political» orientation preferred? This is a well-recognized dilemma (duality) for all governments.

The rational orientation engages and emphasizes:

■ Logic and facts around social, financial and commercial issues, &
■ Objective reality and accepted economic theory.

A political orientation engages and emphasizes:

■ Social values, traditions and populist pressures, &
■ Subjective factors and socio-emotional states.

As this is a dynamic duality, governmental interaction with economic activities can take three forms:

This dynamic duality allows us to perform a Level-by-Level analysis that focuses more precisely on the requirements at each Level and define Centres representing situations and choices. Following that, it is possible to appreciate politico-social forces represented by interaction amongst the various Centres.

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