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Paradox of Control

Of course, politicians like to think of themselves as in control. That is part of the power-centred thinking that led them to that role in society. However, the «economy» includes millions of people in thousands of different types of work going their own ways and making a living. So, making things worse is about the only form of control that can engender certainty and confidence.

Hierarchies derived from Spirals in THEE show oscillations that appear to involve control/determination v adaptation/acceptance: cf. commercial endeavours. In the case of government and economic intervention, this shows up as aspects of communication i.e. expression (or proclamation) versus attention (or receptivity or taking notice).

THEE Note:Closed Compare this dilemma with the more general conflict in politics between control and acceptance.

Odd-number levels require active expression and proclamation, and in that sense alone can be said to be under government control.

Closed■ L1 Basic: Valuing commerce

Closed■ L3: Promoting capitalism

Closed■ L5: Attending to citizen concerns

Closed■ L7: Facing up to economic realities

Note: So what government can control comes down to what politicians and officials can communicate, directly and indirectly, not any specific L4-intervention.

THEE Note:Closed This links to the view of political work developed independently.

Even-number levels are about matters which government necessarily must accept and respond toif only the urge for control would allow that. In communication terms, these levels require attention and noticing.

Closed■ L2: Enforcing laws and regulations

Closed■ L4: Strategic interventions

Closed■ L6: Statistics and evaluations

Closed■ L1 Advanced: Value entrepreneurship

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