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Politico-economic Dilemmas

The prosperity-generating hierarchy for government based on the importance of commerce is shown. We can now focus on mapping choices and their mutual influences.

The hierarchy is grounded in the value of commerce and enterprise (L1-Market-centredness), which recognizes that everything costs money. It is topped by genuinely facing up to economic forces and factors (L7-Reality-centredness).

Government's difficulties in enabling prosperity arise from universal and often painful dilemmas. These dilemmas are as follows:


What a government feels it can control, and what it must accept and then adapt.

This oscillating duality is examined here.


How governments reconcile their self-interest with the interests of those on whom they depend—the hard-working wealth generators in society.

This internal duality is examined here.


How conflicting demands of economic rationality and political rationales are handled when making politico-economic choices.

This dynamic duality is examined here.


After clarifying these dilemmas, the next steps will be: 

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