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Meta-economic Matters

Two Questions

Q.1: What is the nature of a prosperous society? How can a government influence the economic activities of autonomous individuals for the benefit of society generally?

Q.2: How exactly should a government intervene so as to support prosperity in any particular situation given certain economic factors?

THEE can answer Q.1 only: its framework enables understanding of economic activities and interventions, without determining precisely what must be done. This orientation is meta-economic, not economic.

Q.2: is valid and important, but remains the responsibility of particular governments in particular societies at particular times. Their choices will be a function of:Closed economic and political factors, relevance of conventional theory, cultural assumptions, social development, quality of pertinent information, influence of key advisors, &c.

However, in every specific case, meta-economic choices will be made implicitly or explicitly.

The task here is to clarify the framework for those choices, including how that well-recognized duality in economics, rational v political, manifests and can be resolved.

Meta-economic Framework

As explained, constructing the meta-economic framework follows from the application of the framework of interacting-for-benefit. In this context the government interacts with society (rather than specific individuals) and aims to benefit society and itself (as a government).

The TET diagram shows the ModesModes are the context of approaches and contain values and principles that can be widely accepted. Where different approaches refer to methods that tend to conflict and be incompatible, modes are compatible. with their associated government imperatives.

The forces driving any government are:

internal: desire for a prosperous stable society (and re-election)
external: economic pressures and global forces.

No program is proposed here for any society or its government. However, the list of imperatives suggests that society will suffer (and the government, if democratic, may not get re-elected) if they are not heeded e.g.Closed if a society embraces socialism or has a predatory form of L3-capitalism, then politicians will be suborned and L2-regulation is likely to be weak or harmful to individuals, as well as to society as a whole.

ClosedRemember the Qualities of a Valid THEE Framework 

Note: Government strategies are often blunderbuss affairs and forget that individual autonomy lies at the root of commerce. Governments may need to intervene, but doing so effectively is a difficult political endeavour. As will become evident, principles from all Modes are required. As in previous frameworks, critical issues in the meta-economic context are found to emerge in a logical step-wise fashion.

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