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Prospering Makes Demands

Who is Responsible for What?

Prosperity is not an essential. Many societies have lived for long periods at subsistence levels i.e. without much in the way of personal assets. Few visiting the TOP webcluster are in that category, however. So let us see the demands that the aspiration to prosper places on a society and its members.

If something is desired, then responsibility must be assigned. In this case, the responsibility for a society is primarily with The Citizenry who naturally assign certain matters to The Government.

THEE Note:Closed It is irrelevant whether people in general know that they are responsible and in charge or welcome such notions. The Government and The Citizenry are hexadic structures located in the framework for realizing values in society (sPH6). The framework is written up in detail in Ch.12 of Working with Values (1995).

Prosperity's demands are showing in the TET diagram in the light of the imperatives that have been proposed for each Mode. This then enables us to think about responsibilities.

The Quadrants

It is evident that the most important contributions for effective intervention come from: perspective-centred, and reality-centred modes. The kinship-centred mode is important too because it alone calls for political leaders and The Government to actually care about the people. This is self-evidently not possible in systems where politicians are in the grip of vested interests.

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