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Imperatives of an Economic Focus

The interacting-for-benefit framework allows us to consider a government interacting with the economic activities of its citizens. Using the adjusted TET Framework, we can then consider some imperatives for government .

ClosedRemember the Mentalities

The New Frame of Reference

We now move from focusing on a person interacting so as to generally benefit in social life i.e. a person-society focus, to a government interacting with the population in regard to economic activity i.e. a government-economic activity focus.

The essence of the approaches remains unchanged, the axes needs re-labelling to reflect the new perspective.

Societal Development: Y-Axis. Self-development still applies, but the essential «self» of a governmentClosed has a character whose mandate is given by the citizenry. The citizenry as a whole are concerned for the prosperity of their society.

Contribution to Economic Activities of Individuals: X-Axis. A government contributes to the prosperity of its society throughClosed interventions that affect individuals (i.e. people or organizations) in ways that aid (or obstruct) their wealth-generating activities.

Government Imperatives

One diagonal has a direct focus on productivity. It contains the Market-centred mode, which is the source of all wealth-creating drives.

Governments cannot create wealth. So, if society is to be prosperous, governments must allow wealth creation by individuals. A common problem for many governments isClosed that the politicians and bureaucrats are far more interested in their power and control than in wealth creation.

The TET diagram and boxes below suggest the necessary imperatives.

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